A Vision

Heartland Expressway’s vision of a four-lane highway connecting Denver, Colorado to Rapid City, SD was born in 1988


Expressway was designated a federal “high priority corridor” with passage of ISTEA in 1991.

Feasibility study was completed in 1993 for Kimball to Rapid City and a study for Kimball to I-76 route was done in 1995.

Kimball to Scottsbluff-Gering 4-lane expressway completed in 2005


The Heartland Expressway Association was incorporated in 2009


Heartland Expressway joined Port-to-Plains as a member on December 31, 2009

Kimball Bypass

Kimball 4-lane bypass completed in 2011

South Dakota completes 4-lane highway from Rapid City to the Nebraska Stateline August 2014

Plan Completed

Corridor Development and Management plan completed October 2014.